Spain Destinations: Best Of Marbella, In Spain’s Costa Del Sol

Marbella, located in Malaga, is one of the most exclusive cities in the Mediterranean and the pride of the Costa del Sol, with 320 days of sunlight during the year, and an average temperature of 19°C.

Well known for its beaches, luxury shopping and glamorous nightlife, there is much more to this Andalusian city than you may think. Marbella has a reputation for being a “wealthy people only “city packed with supermodels, fancy cars and sumptuous billionaires’ villas. However, that is only restricted to Puerto Banus,  an entirely distinct development five miles to the west of Marbella. The city itself is comprised of  lively neighborhoods surrounded by the natural setting of the beautiful Sierra Blanca mountains.

Best Of Marbella

Puerto Banus:  Since its opening in the 70’s, which was attended by famous personalities like the Monaco royal family among others, it was clear that this port would be one of the favorites of the rich and famous. One of the most visited places in Spain with 5 million visitors a year, the port enjoys wide popularity among “ordinary” tourists and international millionaires, multimillionaires and celebrities. Here you can find the best restaurants, nightclubs and boutiques of the Costa del Sol. And, who knows? You may be able to snap a selfie with your favorite celebrity.

The Paseo Marítimo, or beachside promenade is the best place to take in the views and enjoy one of the Coast’s spectacular sunsets. You can even take a longer stroll from Marbella all the way to Puerto Banus.

Marbella’s Old Town is a maze of narrow cobbled streets that invite you to get lost. It is like a network of alleyways lined with colorful geraniums and orange trees, bars and terraces. The Plaza de los Naranjos is also surrounded by some of the most notable buildings from the Renaissance in Marbella. This historic centre is one of the best places in Marbella to have a beer or a glass of wine while you enjoy some tapas.

Hope you enjoy your visit to Marbella, Cheers!

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