Spain Best Hotels: Cap Rocat, A Secluded Paradise In Mallorca

Cap Rocat: A Private And Secluded Resort In Palma De Mallorca

The hotel is located in a fortress that lies within a Protected Natural Area and blends perfectly into the landscape. Cap Rocat has been completely renovated by Antonio Obrador respecting its unique architecture and natural surroundings and has received several awards.

The austere communal rooms of the fortress have been transformed into relaxation areas, where modern and contemporary coexist with classic and historical.  The philosophy of Cap Rocat is a tribute to traveling as a vital experience.

With an infinite pool and direct access to the sea, a subterranean spa, luxury suites and a high-end restaurant, Cap Rocat is one of the most distinctive and luxurious hotels in Mallorca and a member of the Small Luxury Hotels of the World.

Cap Rocat features 30 rooms and unique suites with private terraces and exclusive pools. They also offer an elegant design with marble floors and impressive pieces of furniture.

Guests can explore the Mediterranean coast nearby on board of the hotel’s yacht, with capacity for 11 people. Excursions last around 4-8 hours and include stops at beaches that can only be accessed by boat. Prices start at €459 and children under 15 are not allowed in the hotel due to safety reasons as it is right by the sea.

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