Spain Destinations: San Sebastian, A Coastal City In The Basque Country

What To See In San Sebastian

San Sebastian, located in the Basque Country, lies along a white sandy bay between two hills. The city was famous during the Belle Époque era and it is also where Queen Maria Cristina established her royal summerhouse. La Concha Beach, the most beautiful urban beach in Europe, is adorned by luxurious beachside mansions as well as a famous spa called La Perla. The Old Town of San Sebastián is known for having the highest concentration of bars in the world. It is formed by narrow streets located at the foot of the Mount Urgull.

The City Hall, one of the most majestic buildings of San Sebastián, is in a beautiful location alongside the water and the well-maintained Alderdi Eder Gardens. The Romantic Center, a beautiful neighborhood in San Sebastian, is filled with impressive buildings from the late 19th century with a Parisian style and has plenty of stores, bars and restaurants.

Enjoy this virtual tour of the most beautiful attractions in San Sebastian!

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