Spain Getaways: A Guide To Monasterio De Piedra Natural Park

The Monasterio de Piedra Natural Park offers countless waterfalls, an extensive lush garden, and rock formations created by the power of the Rio Piedra river. You will not be disappointed visiting this awesome natural space and it may turn into the best part of your trip through Zaragoza and the Aragon region of Spain. 

Monasterio de Piedra Waterfall

What To Expect At Monasterio De Piedra Natural Park

Walking around the park is a “five senses” alertness affair; the waterfalls, the lakes, bird watching. All of these sensory experiences happen while you are surrounded by incredible vegetation and imposing trees.

Monasterio de Piedra Bridge

Monasterio De Piedra Natural Park Visit Details

Nuevalos, the closest village to the park, is 222 km (2 h 15 m) form Madrid and 110 km (1h 15 m) from Zaragoza. From there, you take a road directly to the park which is about 3 km away. Once you are there, there is an entrance booth where you buy your tickets: 15 € for adults and 10 € for children and seniors. You can also buy them online before you go on the Monasterio de Piedra website. Tickets includes a visit to the park, the ruins of the monastery that sits on the grounds and a birds of pray show.

Monasterio de Piedra waterfall

With your ticket, you will be given a map with the routes you may follow. The blue arrows guide you along the paths so you won’t miss any of the waterfalls and the red arrows indicate the way back so you won’t get lost.

Monasterio de Piedra river
Monasterio de Piedra cave

Warning: Some of the paths are quite tricky in places and have lots of steps, so if you are visiting with young kids or you are unsteady on your feet and cannot manage steps then this may not be for you. It’s about a 2-hour hike up and down wet steps.

Monasterio de Piedra waterfall
Monasterio de Piedra waterfall

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