Spain Destinations: Astorga, Best Architecture Guide

Astorga, in the Leon province of the Castile and Leon, is a beautiful town you will find on one of the main routes of the pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela, the “French Route”, which starts at the French Pyrenees.

Explore Astorga’s Impressive Monuments

Episcopal Palace and Roman Walls

The bishop of Astorga in 1887 was the Catalan Joan Baptista Grau, an admirer of Gaudí, who commissioned him the construction of a new Episcopal palace. Work was steady and almost completed until bishop Grau’s death. After that, Gaudi’s work was questioned by the church, that didn’t understand the expense and magnificence of the palace, which caused the architect to resign and return to Barcelona. Other architects were in charge of finishing the palace which was not completed until the 60’s.

Roman Walls and Episcopal Palace

Today, the palace hosts the “Museo de los caminos ” dedicated to the pilgrimage to Santiago. Here is all the information: 

The Roman Wall of Astorga was built around the III century during a period of instability experienced in the last years of the Roman Empire. It has a length of 2,2 km and you will be able to walk on top of the wall in some sections. The main entrance leads to the cathedral and the Episcopal Palace.

Roman Wall Entrance

Santa Maria Cathedral

Santa Maria Cathedral s a beautiful mix of styles, with Gothic, Baroque and Renaissance elements. The construction work began in the 15th century and was not completed until the 18th. An unusual aspect is the color difference of the two towers that define the main entrance. One of them was affected by an earthquake in 1775 and took longer to be finished. Inside, you can admire the gorgeous main altarpiece and choir.

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