Spain Getaways: A Field Of Lavender In La Alcarria

Lavender Festival in La Alcarria

When most people hear about rolling fields of lavender, they immediately think of France, but you don’t have to go to La Provence to admire nature’s display of lavender blooming. Not far from Madrid, in La Alcarria region (Guadalajara), you can find spectacular lavender fields that create a purple sea every July. The Lavender Festival just outside the village of Brihuega in Guadalajara is a unique event that awakens the senses. People dress in white and attend open air concerts seated among the rows of fragrant blooms. After the concert, you can enjoy fine local gastronomy, dining under the stars. The festival includes other activities, like guided tours of the fields in bloom and visits to the lavender distillery where the oil is pressed. Something to look forward when we are facing winter!

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