Spain Destinations: Olite, A Historic Town In Navarra

Navarra, a region in the northern corner of Spain, shares 163 km of border with France and a western border with the Basque Country. Even though the most popular destination in Navarra is Pamplona, famous worldwide for the running of the bulls, there are numerous other charming places to visit.

What To See In Olite, Navarra

The Royal Palace was commissioned by King Carlos III of Navarra in the 14th century and it became his favorite residence. The French-born king was known for his luxurious lifestyle,  which is reflected within the palace’s furnishings and its many courtyards and gardens. The king also kept many exotic animals at the palace such as giraffes and lions.

The small town of Olite, with barely more than 3,000 inhabitants, is a labyrinth of solid stately homes with imposing coats of arms on the façades, Roman walls, Gothic arcades and beautiful churches. If you visit Olite during the weekend in August when they hold the Medieval Festival, you’ll get a peek of the town entirely adorned with tradesmen, craftsmen, puppeteers, troubadours, etc. There is also the Olite Theatre Festival where the walls of the imposing castle provide a very special backdrop for the numerous plays.

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