Spain Destinations: The Best Of Almeria

Almeria province, in Andalusia, is the driest place in Europe, so if you are looking for a warm spot to visit in Spain during winter, this is it! But Almeria is much more than great weather and endless sunshine if you are seeking authenticity and a less crowded place along the Andalusian coast.

Discover The Best Of Almeria

Visit La Alcazaba, Europe’s second-biggest Muslim castle remains

The fortress is situated on a hill, overlooking the old centre of the city and it has a mixture of three different historical periods.  When you visit La Alcazaba you will have to climb a steep ramp and enter through the Torre de la Guardia (Guard Tower), the current main entrance of the monument. You can take a break and catch your breath near the imposing Torre de los Espejos(Tower of Mirrors), which offers impressive views over the Bay of Almería. Keep in mind that the monument is 25,000m² and there are quite a few very steep areas.

Tabernas Desert, A Western’s Film Set

In the Tabernas Desert few living things are able to thrive as this region barely gets any rain, less than 250 mm3 of rain per year.during the 60’s and 70’s it was used by filmmakers to represent the southern deserts of the USA in the famous “spaghetti westerns” of Clint Eastwood and other cowboy heroes. You can visit the wild west village of Oasys MiniHollywood, where you can feel like a real-life cowboy or cowgirl.

 The Best Beaches In Almeria

Las Salinas Beach

Almeria is also famous throughout Spain for its beautiful beaches, most of which are completely unspoiled, despite their popularity. The most spectacular can be found in the Cabo de Gata Natural Park, the biggest protected nature reserve on the Mediterranean coast.

Cabo de Gata Natural Park

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