Spain Destinations: Alava Province In The Basque Country

Alava, located in the southern part of the Basque Country, is the largest province in the region. The province of Alava is famous for its gastronomy, with towns and cities where you can enjoy some tapas called “pintxos”, typical of the Basque Country. Alava is also well-known as part of the Rioja wine-producing area. There are different wine tasting tours you can take that offer much more than wine. They combine landscapes of spectacular vineyards, traditional gastronomy, wine cellars, medieval villages and even a harvesting experience.

Alava also offers impressive natural lakes and protected wild areas, making it a popular place for sports and outdoors enthusiasts.

Vitoria (Gasteiz in Basque language) is the capital of Alava, a city with beautiful medieval architecture and a twisty old town that is a pleasure to wander around. Considered a Green Capital of Europe, it has a lot of parks, gardens and tree-lined boulevards, and it is chosen as one of the five best places to live in Spain. Vitoria has an intense cultural life and a musical tradition which is reflected in the Vitoria Jazz Festival, celebrated every year in July.

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