Spain Getaways: Aiguestortes National Park In Catalonia

The Aigüestortes National Park is the only national park in Catalonia. There are tons of reasons to go to Barcelona at least once in a lifetime, but if you have the opportunity, take a break from the city and visit this stunning National Park.

What to see in Aiguestortes National Park

Located four hours by car from Barcelona in the heart of the Pyrenees, you can admire the beautiful Sant Maurici lake that mirrors and reflects landscapes that change with the seasons. From there you can see the Encantats, a fragmented rock formation which is said to be the shape of two hunters cursed by divine powers when they went to hunt deer.

There are five routes for discovering all corners of the park, of different duration and with different levels of difficulty. You can take each route separately, it takes approximately 5-7 hours, or you can stay at the park and book a full circuit of hiking. More info here

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