Spain Destinations: Teide National Park In Tenerife

Teide National Park is the largest park on the Canary Islands and it should be at the top of the must-see list of everyone who visits Tenerife. The peak of the Teide is, at 3.718 meters above sea level, the highest mountain in Spain.

If you want to have the best stargazing experience, Teide National Park is the place for you. Along with La Palma, Chile and Hawaii, the skies at Tenerife are among the best in the world for stargazing.  Altavista Refuge is located at an altitude of 3,270 m (10,730 ft), and staying here is an experience in itself, but you are only allowed one night.

Another unique fact about Mount Teide is that there is snowfall  at the same time every year. This is a contrast with the mild temperature of the island, famous for its sun drenched tourist spots. You can book a day trip to Teide National Park from Santa Cruz, the capital of the island, where you can ride the cable car or hike on one of the park’s scenic trails.

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