Spain Getaways: Hotel Mondariz Spa & Golf Course

Located in the small town of Mondariz, Pontevedra, Hotel Mondariz is one of the oldest spas in Spain. There are many documents that confirm the existence of this thermal waters in the XIX century, but it wasn’t opened as a hotel until 1908.  

Former Hotel Mondariz

The original Gran Hotel de Mondariz, was a historic building well known as an international luxury hotel that hosted relevant personalities like Rockefeller. After a fire in 1973, the building was remodeled and turned into luxury apartments. The current Hotel Mondariz in Pontevedra, Galicia, has modern facilities with amazing thermal circuits like the Water Palace, where you can enjoy 3,000 square meters of pools, jacuzzis and water cascades.

Hotel Mondariz Water Palace

If you enjoy playing golf, Hotel Mondariz Golf Course, with 50 hectares and 18 holes is one of the best in northern Spain. The golf course offers spectacular views, 35 buggies, a practice range and a club house. Prices range from 65€ to 125€ depending what activities you book. Balneario de Mondariz

Mondariz Hotel Golf Course

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