Spain Destinations: The Highest Cliffs In Continental Europe

Galicia, in the northwest of Spain, is home to the highest cliffs in continental Europe. The cliffs of Vixia Herbeira in the Capelada mountain range are 620 meters high and you can enjoy one of the most spectacular views of the Galician coast on the Atlantic Ocean.

The cliffs formed approximately 490 million years ago and are composed of pyroxenite which created the only beach with black sand of non-volcanic origin in the world. Not many people know about this particular beach, called Praia de Teixidelo, because of its dangerous access. If you are adventurous enough and want to give it a try you must get the help of a guide for your own safety.

On the highest point of the cliffs, you will find the Vixia Herbeira viewpoint where a small stone structure, built in 1805 and formerly used as a maritime surveillance point, stands defying the wind and offering amazing views.

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