Spain Getaways: Unique Buildings In Spain

Architect Antoni Gaudi is a prominent name when referring to Spain’s architecture, but there are other unique buildings in Spain by other architects that are worth a mention. Here are some of my favorites!

Pixelated Building In Madrid

Believe it or not, this is a building by the Housing Authority in Madrid. Architect Rafael Cañizares Torquemada was in charge of the design and he was inspired by Swiss painter Paul Klee and his obsession for color.

Pixelated Building in Madrid

Media Tic Building In Barcelona

In the heart of the business district 22@ in Barcelona, you can find the Media Tic building, a futuristic ode built in 2007 by architect firm Cloud-9. The building was designed using CAD-CAM technology and was a pioneer at the time for using sustainable energy. The facade made of ETFE (Ethilene Tetrafluor Ethilene), regulates light and temperature in the whole building.


Science Museum In Valencia

Designed by architect Santiago Calatrava in July 1996, is an impressive example of modern architecture. The building resembles the skeleton of a whale, it’s around 40,000 square meters and houses an interactive science museum. It has five stories and a 2,800 square meters auditorium.


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