Spain Getaways: Manzanares El Real Castle In Madrid

If you are staying in Madrid for some days, you should skip the big city’s many attractions and take a day trip to Manzanares El Real, just 60 km from the capital. Also known as the Mendoza castle, this 15th century monument is a classic example of military architecture.

Visiting Manzanares El Real Castle

Manzanares El Real is one of the best preserved castles in Madrid. The castle is surrounded by thick walls and is made up of three defensive towers. It blends the architecture of two different eras: the Medieval defensive elements and the Renaissance with great rooms, more ornate facades and magnificent watch towers.

The castle is open to the public every day except Mondays and it has an entrance fee of 5 €. There is also the option of taking a dramatized guided tour for 8€ with actors representing the Mendoza family and showing you the castle’s life of the era. If you don’t feel like driving, Manzanares El Real can be reached from Madrid by bus from Plaza de Castilla Station.

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