Spain Getaways: Tablas De Daimiel National Park

Las Tablas de Daimiel National Park, located in the province of Ciudad Real , is a unique protected area of wetlands and one of the best ecosystems in Spain. Tablas de Daimiel is an oasis for animals and plants, and the perfect place to spot more than 200 species of birds.

What To Do In Tablas De Daimiel National Park

The park consists of a maze of islands connected by wooden walkways, where you can find aquatic plants and a great variety of birds. It’s a good idea to take your binoculars in order to take a close-up look at the magnificent wild life but you will also find different observation points along the way.

There are three self-guided routes you can take following the brochures that they give you at the Visitors Center but you can also book some of the free guided tours organized by the park guides. Either way, it is advisable to extend your visit until dusk, when you can see the most spectacular sunsets surrounded by nature. Access to the park is free year round.

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