Spain Best Hotels: Canfranc International Train Station

This elegant train station, was inaugurated in 1928 by King Alfonso XIII. Located just a few kilometers from the French border, Canfranc International Train Station became the second largest in Europe. During WWII, the station was a crucial spot as a crossing point for gold, stolen art works and Jewish refugees on the run.

After the railway service to France was closed down in 1970, decades of abandonment followed, even though it was still functioning as a national train station. In recent years, the government of Aragon has been restoring Canfranc Station to achieve its original beauty with two main projects: the reopening of the international line and the rehabilitation of the station to turn it into a five-stars hotel.

In 2021, Spanish hotel chain Barceló begun renovations to turn Canfranc International Train Station into a luxury hotel under the Royal Hideway Luxury Hotels and Resorts brand.  The station will be transformed into a 104-bedroom hotel with a railway museum, conference and wellness centers, a heated swimming pool, etc. The hotel will maintain the original facade of the station with its 365 windows and 150 doors. Ilmioe Design Studio from Madrid, will be in charge of designing the hotel’s interior, inspired by the aesthetic of the old train station and the luxury trains from the 19th century. Work is projected to be finished by the end of 2022.

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