Spain Destinations: Royal Monastery Of Guadalupe

History Of The Royal Monastery Of Guadalupe

The monastery of Guadalupe, located in the province of Caceres, is an outstanding building in the Gothic-Mudejar style. The history of the monastery dates back to the 13th century when a shepherd found a statue of the Virgin Mary. According to legend, the Virgin helped the shepherd with his dying cattle and he promised her to build a church in that spot. The Monastery of Guadalupe is still one of the most important religious and tourist destinations in Spain but pretty much unknown to foreign travelers.

The monastery has also been a place with an important role during the colonization of the New World. Queen Isabel first met Christopher Columbus in this monastery and after his voyage to America, the first natives he brought back where placed and baptized as Christians in the monastery.

What To See In The Royal Monastery Of Guadalupe

The monastery consists of four distinct parts designed in the Gothic-Mudejar style and flanked by eight towers. It has a gothic cloister as well as a large Mudejar cloister with horseshoe-shaped arches and a temple-shaped fountain in the middle. There are several small museums inside the monastery which you should visit as well as the main church.  The Baroque sacristy is the most spectacular view in the Monastery. It may take you about two hours to thoroughly visit all the interior and of course, take tons of photos of the magnificent exterior. General admission is five euros.

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