Spain Destinations: Stunning Medieval Towns In Spain

Spain is well known for its history and cultural heritage. Today, I’m going to suggest an interesting route along some of the most beautiful medieval towns in the country. You will have the opportunity to explore Spain from a different perspective and enjoy the country’s natural and cultural diversity. All along the way you will find towns and villages that are home to stunning monuments, perfectly preserved over the centuries.

Alarcon in Cuenca

You can only access the town through  a narrow strip of land by the river which is only just wide enough for a road. Then you go through a series of medieval gates leading to the town. Besides visiting the Castle of Alarcon, you can walk around the main square with its old town hall, and explore the medieval streets.

Niebla In Huelva

The small town of Niebla is one of the most important artistic heritage sites in Spain. Its main attraction is the 2 kilometers wall protecting the old town, one of the best preserved fortified sites in Europe.

Trujillo In Caceres

Trujillo’s impressive fortress and walled enclosure were built by the Muslims, it took 500 years to win back control of the town by the Spaniards. Inside the city walls you will find an incredible amount of medieval architecture with a dominance of Gothic and Mudejar styles that create a medieval atmosphere like no other. 

Besalu In Girona

Besalu is an excellent example of a medieval town, with cobbled streets, beautiful facades and an outstanding bridge. Besalu is  one of Girona’s best preserved medieval towns and also part of the Jewish route in Spain, with a unique Jewish heritage.

Ainsa In Huesca

One of the main attractions of the town is its location near the Ordesa National Park in The Pyrenees of Huesca. Ainsa’s town centre was declared a Historic-Artistic Site which shows a medieval layout with two parallel streets and the popular architecture of the area.

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