Spain Destinations: Pontevedra’s Must-See Monuments

Pontevedra is a charming town in the south of Galicia, Spain. It has one of the largest and most elegant historic quarters in the region after Santiago de Compostela, perfect for getting lost among outstanding buildings. It’s just an hour away from A Coruña, one of the biggest cities in Galicia, so it’s a recommended visit if you are in the area.

What To See In Pontevedra

San Bartolome Church

The best thing to do after you arrive is to wander through the old town and let yourself get immersed in the history of the town, enjoying its cobbled streets and amazing architecture or relaxing at one of the many terraces dotted around the charming town squares. One of the symbols of Pontevedra is the Santa Maria Basilica, built in the XVI century. This magnificent church mixes Gothic and Renaissance styles, displaying great sophistication and details in the main façade.

Santa Maria Basilica

Another iconic building is The Sanctuary of the Pilgrim, which shows an almost circular ground plan and a Baroque façade with several 18th-century Neoclassical additions and preserves the image of the city’s patron saint.

Sanctuary of the Pilgrim

Located at the centre of the historic quarter you will find the Plaza de España and the City Hall, an eclectic building built in the 19th century and the Alameda, a wide avenue lined by grand buildings and palm trees. There is also the remains of Santo Domingo, a 14th-century church and a former Dominican convent. All in all, Pontevedra offers the visitor the opportunity to spend a placid day surrounded by magnificent architecture.

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