Spain Destinations: La Gomera in Canary Islands

The second smallest of the Canary Islands, La Gomera, also called the magical island, is an ecological treasure with small beaches and lush valleys. Many visitors to La Gomera visit the island during a full-day tour from Tenerife but there are so many things to discover that I highly recommend spending at least a couple of days.

Best Beaches In La Gomera

La Gomera is not an island for a typical beach vacation like Gran Canaria or Fuerteventura as most of them are gravel or coarse sand and can only be reached on foot. If you don’t mind this little inconvenience, you will be rewarded with crystal clear water and incredible nature.

Playa de Argaga is a black volcanic sand and pebble beach that is is still considered a virgin, isolated area. Argaga has become one of the most iconic beaches for naturalists. This tranquil beach lies on a deep, fertile riverbed that flows into the sea but the only access is on foot. 

Playa de Argaga

La Calera is located in a valley in the west of the island. Only a kilometer in length, this beach is a unique place to relax and enjoy the sea, ideal for the whole family and away from the busy tourism spots.

La Calera

Playa Del Ingles  has been a legendary destination for ‘hippy’ and alternative movements in the past. Unlike the other beaches, Playa del Ingles is close to restaurants, entertainment and other services.

Playa del ingles

Garajonay National Park

The real treasure to be found in La Gomera is its dense, green laurel forests that crown the center of the island. There are multiple entry points to Garajonay National Park and the well-maintained roads make access to the park very easy. The park’s many forests are easy to explore through 18 routes of varying difficulty. There are free guided tours every Friday and you can also download an audio guide provided by the park if you decide to visit without a guide.

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  1. That’s not the “playa de Argaga” and that “playa del inglés” is the one in Gran Canaria, a different island.

    Check google maps.


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