Spain Getaways: Sierra de Cazorla National Park In Jaen

Sierra de Cazorla National Park is the biggest and one of the most beautiful National Parks in Spain. Located in the province of Jaen, Sierra de Cazorla provides the visitor with a spectacular scenery and is home to several species that are unique in the world.

What To Do In Sierra De Cazorla National Park

There is a wide range of paths and itineraries that cover the Sierra de Cazorla, as well as different activities you can do such as horse riding, trekking, cycling, climbing, fishing, rafting and canoeing. Some people even rent jeeps to explore the most remote areas but most trails are accessible by car.

There are many hiking routes with different levels of difficulty you can choose from but they all have in common wonderful scenery and jaw-dropping views. Just starting from the town of Cazorla you can follow a narrow mountain road with very little traffic which makes it an easy walk. On this route there are three scenic viewpoints with amazing views.

Another popular route is along the Cerezuelo river on  a well kept footpath with several wooden bridges and an abundance of lush vegetation, crystal clear water and rock pools. El Chorro is a bit of a harder route where you walk around 20 Km. and come across a vertical cliff with a stunning water fall.

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