Spain Destinations: Soria, A Charming City By The River Duero

Soria is located in central Spain, about two hours northeast from Madrid, so it is a nice one- day excursion you can take if you happen to be in the capital. Spain’s smallest provincial capital, with a population of barely more than 39,000, Soria’s historic quarter is a hidden treasure of Romanesque, Gothic, and Renaissance architecture.  

What To See In Soria

The Monastery Of San Juan De Duero is an amazing example of Medieval Christian and Romanesque architecture in the region. Built in the 12th century, the monastery belonged to the Knights Hospitaller of Jerusalem, until it was abandoned in the 18th century. The original church and the cloister, with Gothic and Mudéjar elements, are still standing.

Soria’s city center still retains an important Romanesque legacy in its network of medieval streets flanked by several interesting buildings. The City Hall, located in the main square of the city is a great example of Castilian architecture with the typical rectangular structure with porticoes.

The Rio Lobos Canyon is a protected natural park located just 40 minutes from the city of Soria. It is a deep and narrow valley formed by the river Lobos and it has many hiking trails, which are accessible to most walkers. One of the most spectacular views is the Hermitage of Saint Bartholomew, a small 13th century Romanesque church that was built by the Templars and formed part of a monastery which today no longer stands.

If you have the chance to visit Soria, take some time to explore the area and explore the  hiking trails that follow the course of the river Lobos.

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