Spain Getaways: Castillo De Las Cuevas In Burgos

Most castles in Spain were built during the Middle Ages but in Burgos, just two hours from Madrid, you can find this spectacular castle built in 1978. Can you tell the difference? Castillo de las Cuevas, located in the village of Cebolleros, was built by an adventurous man during his weekends and summer vacations.

Serafín Villarán, the man who designed and built this castle, spent over twenty years of his life building, stone by stone, the castle of his dreams. Unfortunately, he died before his work was completed but his family took over and now, twenty years later, the castle is completed.

Castillo de las Cuevas is four stories high and has a wine cellar. You start the tour in the cellar, a special place you will really enjoy. The tour is completely free but you can leave a donation at the entrance. Each room is profusely decorated with stone details, so you have to pay attention in order not to miss some of them.

One detail you won’t miss is the staircase simulating a giant snake that takes you to the upper floors. The tour takes about 30 minutes and it will not disappoint you even though you can tell you are not in a real castle.

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