Spain Destinations: Somiedo Natural Park In Asturias

What To Do In Somiedo Natural Park

Somiedo Natural Park, located in Asturias, is a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve since 2000. Here you will discover a real natural paradise, with landscapes almost untouched by human activity, where you can enjoy many activities.

Hiking in Somiedo Natural Park is the best way to explore this magnificent nature reserve. There is a circular route, about eight kilometres long, that takes you around four beautiful lakes in the park. It takes about three hours to complete but the effort is worth it when you are surrounded by incredible views.

Bear watching is also a popular activity for visitors to Somiedo Natural Park. One of the most exciting things to do in the park is trying to spot one of these elusive and magnificent creatures. There are several companies offering bear watching experiences, and this greatly increases your chances of spotting these incredible animals.

While crossing the valleys of Somiedo Natural Park, you’ll see groups of huts scattered among the green meadows. These tiny houses were once used by the shepherds who spent time with their herds of cows, goats or sheep. These small stone buildings with their thatched roofs are common in the northern regions of Spain.

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