Spain Getaways: Cabrera Island, A Natural Paradise Off Mallorca’s Coast

Cabrera is located about 14 kilometers south of Mallorca in the Balearic Islands and one of its best kept secrets. While most tourists tend to go to the main islands of Mallorca and Menorca, few know about this paradisiac island where you can have a unique and unparalleled experience.

What To Do In Cabrera Island

As Cabrera Island is really close to Mallorca, just an hour boat trip, it is well worth a visit even if it’s just for an afternoon. The island is never crowded, making the experience even more authentic. From the beaches to the hiking trails, you never have to worry about the crowds you find in the other bigger islands.

You can take numerous boat trips combining nature, spectacular scenery and crystal clear waters. There is one highly recommended boat trip around the archipelago of Cabrera where you can admire the stunning views of the island. Another must-do activity on your visit to Cabrera Island is to dive in its crystalline waters and discover unique species and several ship wreckages. 

If you prefer to explore the unique landscapes in the island on foot, one of the best ways to discover the flora and fauna is on some of the trails you can take with different levels of difficulty. As this is a protected area and visitors are restricted, you must book your excursions in advance. The Cabrera shelter, a former military camp, is the only place to sleep in the island if you are planning on staying longer than a few hours.

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