Spain Best Hotels: Can Bordoy Boutique Hotel In Palma De Mallorca

Located in Palma’s historic La Lonja quarter, behind an unpretentious facade on a quiet street, this restored mansion will make guests completely forget about the outside world. Can Bordoy Hotel combines the building’s past and history with contemporary, art deco and mid-century designs that give you a fairytale-like experience.

Can Bordoy Hotel has a lavish garden in its interior, which makes it completely different from the rest of Mallorca’s hotels. The centerpiece garden and pool is a retreat in the heart of the city where you can relax under the shadow of one of its magnificent trees, use the spa, located on the the side of the pool, or sunbathe on the lounges arranged along the deck.

Can Bordoy Hotel offers 24 unique suites, each with its own personality. Some have floor-to-ceiling windows that open onto the courtyard, others have wooden beam ceilings with authentic antiques pieces. In the Premium Suites, the art deco-style bed is surrounded by a thick velvet curtain, separating the bedroom from a living area and a freestanding oval bath tub. Prices range between €799 and €450.

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