Spain Getaways: Miravet, An Enchanting Village In Tarragona

Miravet is a pretty village in the province of Tarragona that overlooks the River Ebro. Although it is really small, it features a Renaissance Baroque Church, a Jewish quarter, and an interesting medieval river mill. Miravet is a perfect getaway just two hours from Barcelona and it should be a must see on everyone’s list of places to visit in Spain.

What To Do In Miravet

Miravet is a really special place that makes the 2-hour trip from Barcelona well worth your time. As you arrive to Miravet, either by car or by boat, you will feel like walking into the set of a fairy tale. The old town sprawls down the hill in what looks like a disarray of old houses and churches, but you will soon find yourself wandering around gorgeous buildings and narrow streets.

One of the things that makes this town so enchanting is the striking castle of Miravet sitting on top of the hill. The Castle of Miravet was built on the remains of an Islamic fortress. The Knights Templar converted it, during the middle of the 12th century, into a Castle Convent. The entrance fee is €5 and the views are spectacular.

Another popular thing to do in Miravet is to cross the river using a traditional type of boat with a wooden platform over it, tied by a metallic cable to both river shores. There are other amazing boat trips, like the ferry that goes from Miravet along the River Ebro to another charming town called Mora de l’Ebre.

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