Spain Destinations: Cadiz, An Impressive Port City In Andalusia

Cadiz, located right on the Andalusian Atlantic coast, was founded 3,000 years ago by the Phoenicians and is the oldest city in Western Europe. During the 17th Century, Cadiz was an important port of the Spanish overseas empire and had the trade monopoly. This attracted many attacks by pirates, which made the city fortify itself with defensive bastions, castles and watchtowers on each flat roof, giving the city a unique architecture.

What To See In Cadiz

The first monument you will notice in Cadiz is the impressive cathedral. This grandiose construction took over 130 years to build. Started in Baroque style and completed in Neo-clasical style, the dome and the towers are much smaller than originally intended. Make sure you climb to the top of its Levante tower, where you can enjoy wonderful views over the city’s densely packed rooftops.

Another interesting spot to visit is the historic fishing quarter of La Viña, which you can reach by walking alongside the seafront of Avenida del Campo, it’s a pretty neighborhood of graceful townhouses and pretty squares, just a few meters back from the fishing beach of La Caleta. 

La Caleta Beach
La Caleta Beach

An unforgettable day trip you can take after visiting the city is to Dunas de Bolonia, one of the most unspoiled areas of Cadiz’s coast and a vital natural habitat with stunning scenery. The main dune is over 30 meters high and 200 meters wide and constantly advances inland because of the strong easterly wind. Don’t forget to climb to the top and take amazing pictures, or if you are more adventurous, take a board (sandboarding) and slide down once at the top. Afterwards, go to the beach to enjoy the fine white sand and crystal clear water.

Dunas de Bolonia
Dunas de Bolonia Beach

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