Spain Destinations: Menorca, A Peaceful Balearic Island

The island of Menorca is full of heavenly, picture-perfect settings for your dream vacation. Menorca, unlike the bigger and more crowded island of Mallorca, has always been a cozy and welcoming refuge for all those looking for a quiet holiday. You will be surrounded by peace and tranquility, with beaches and bays still unspoiled, enclosed by pine trees and the crystalline waters of the Mediterranean.

What To See In Menorca

The different colors, textures, and aspects that characterize the island’s different beaches and coves make exploring the coast even more interesting. They are totally unique and magnetic, which can be felt the moment you set foot there. Let’s take a look at some of them!

Menorca’s coastline

Pregonda Cove, in the north of Menorca, is a unique beach because of its red sand, its remoteness and being unspoiled, with no buildings except three tiny houses at the bottom of the hill. The cove is quite protected from strong waves because there are several islets, so the sea is usually calm. You can get to the area by car but the only access to the cove is on foot and it takes around 35 minutes but the walk is spectacular although a bit rocky. Another way to reach Pregonda Cove is by boat but remember that there are no services or bars, so you will have to bring your own food and drinks if you plan to spend the day there.

Pregonda Cove

Macarella Cove, on the south western side of Menorca, is probably one of the most spectacular corners of the island. This small beach hidden between rugged cliffs, offers some of the most pristine waters of the Mediterranean and a fine white sand. Macarella  is located within a Natural Area on the coast of the island, so access by bus and traffic restrictions are common during peak season in the area.  

Macarella Cove

Son Bou Beach is the longest in Menorca and one of the few open to the sea on the island. Being a very popular beach and having a huge resort with bars, restaurants, hotels and vilas, it can become pretty overcrowded despite its size. It is perfect for families and children, as it has amazing crystalline, calm waters and beautiful white sand.

Son Bou Beach

Turqueta Cove, in the south of Menorca, is one of the most visited beaches on the island. Turqueta is surrounded by lush pine trees, immaculate sand and shallow clear waters, a beautiful paradise for beachgoers. There are two car parks: a paid one closer to the beach and a free one but with a longer walk of around 850m. It is advisable to arrive early as it’s a popular beach and the car parks will fill up. You can also reach Turqueta Cove by boat, however due to the size of the cove boats must moor outside of the designated area for swimming marked by buoys.

Turqueta Cove

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