Spain Getaways: The Most Amazing Vertical Gardens in Spain

The number of people around the world living in urban areas is constantly growing. Currently, more than half of the world’s population live in or near cities. Because square meters are few and expensive, urban planners and architects are trying to go up and think of all three dimensions. Let’s take a look at some of the best vertical gardens in Spain.


This was the first vertical garden in Madrid. It was designed in 2007 by French urban landscaper Patrick Blanc. The wall is composed of 15,000 plants from more than 250 species, integrated on the 460 square meters wall of the building.

Vertical Garden in Caixa Forum, Madrid.
Caixa Forum, Madrid
Caixa Forum, Madrid

On top of the tallest office building in Madrid, there is a secret garden with 24,000 species of plants. Also designed by architect Patrick Blanc, this vertical garden has a net of pipes that are controlled by electro valves, which are different from the classic panels.

Torre de Cristal, Madrid.


Edificio Planeta, Barcelona. By Everest Munne

The first vertical garden in Barcelona and considered by some the first in Europe, was designed by Spanish gardener Everest Munne in 1978. This vertical garden is self-sufficient in water and energy and the plants and materials used for its construction were chosen to visually integrate with the facade.

Raval Theater in Barcelona

Covering the wall of this theater, this vertical garden, built in 2013, uses a planting and watering system that is self-sufficient and solar panels that power the pump on the plants. 


Restaurante Jose Carlos Garcia, Malaga.

Located in Malaga, this restaurant shows an innovative design with its wall covered in local and foreign species of plants that give customers a sense of peace. It also has an organic garden to provide the restaurant with herbs and spices for their cuisine.


Gatzara Suites Santa Gertrudis, Ibiza.

In the heart of Ibiza, this hotel combines charm and elegance providing a unique atmosphere. To hide the elevator, the hotel opted to create a vertical garden with more than 200 plants. The integration with the decor is spectacular.


Elements Building, Mallorca by Terapia Urbana

This luxury building in Mallorca combines the 4 elements of earth, fire, water and air as a theme through its 31 luxury residences. There are six interior and exterior vertical gardens covering a surface of 78.9 square meters.

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