Spain Destinations: Huelva, The Secret Coast In Andalusia

The province of Huelva is located in the western part of Andalusia, just a two-hour drive from Portugal and a half-hour drive from the  Doñana National Park between Seville and Cadiz. Along its 75-mile coastline Huelva has some unspoiled gems that will impress even the most seasoned traveller.

What To Visit On The Coast Of Huelva

Doñana National Park is one of Europe’s most beautiful and important wetlands. What makes this national park so special is that in just one day you can see very different ecosystems and 30 kilometers of unspoiled white beaches. Since the park is so large it is advisable to join a tour which should be arranged ahead of time as there is a limit of visitors. They offer bicycle tours, horse riding excursions along the beach at sunset and photography or ornithology courses.

Punta Umbria, the largest coastal town in Huelva is popular in the summer months with visitors from the nearby towns and Seville. The beach here sits on a peninsula and the sea extends up into the estuary. It is great for those looking for a more more laid-back vacation and a “local” experience.

Mazagon is a low-level resort with a total of 12kms of amazing sandy beaches. During the summer there are several beach bars lined along the sand to have a drink and eat freshly caught fish and seafood.

Isla Cristina, located in the western side of the province in Costa de la Luz, is worth a visit for its great choice of sandy, long beaches, stretching 8km long. There are also some excellent windsurfing spots along this stretch of coast. However, you should avoid the summer months unless you like a lively atmosphere and a resort packed with people.

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