Spain Getaways: An Incredible Hidden Village In Leon

Peñalba de Santiago is a small village tucked away in the mountains of Leon province, in the northwest of Spain. Rated as one of the most beautiful villages in the country, it looks like time has not touched this small Medieval ensemble of slate houses and its magnificent Mozarabic church.

What To See In Peñalba de Santiago

Access to the village is a bit tricky as the only road from Ponferrada, is very narrow. But the journey will take you through an untouched valley dominated by thick oak forests, rivers and natural waterfalls. The village blends into the habitat, trying not to disrupt the silence and tranquility of this valley called the Valley of Silence.

There are really not many things to do in this enchanting village but wandering about its cobbled streets and admire the local architecture. You will be amazed by how well preserved and restored are the beautiful stone and wooden houses. Only 20 people live in this village year round. There are a couple of rural houses and bars that get pretty busy during the weekend and summer months, but otherwise you will find yourself walking around almost by yourself.

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