Spain Destinations: Bardenas Reales Desert in Navarra

Located in Navarra, in northern Spain, the Bardenas Reales Desert spans an amazing 100,000 acres of land. This is one of the few deserts in Europe and the most impressive by far. It is also very unusual for the region which is famous for the lush, green landscapes of northern Spain.

What To See In Bardenas Reales Desert

The desert is a protected natural park and it’s divided in three main areas: The Bardena Blanca (White Bardena) is the central plain of the park and the one that is most desert-like with deep gorges and white soil. The Plano is a small plateau that is almost completely flat. Its soil is different here due to the Aragón River. The Bardena Negra (Black Bardena) has plateaus of different altitudes and some streams at the bottom of the cliffs.

There are three main options when it comes to visiting the Bardenas Reales: by car, by bike or by bicycle. The most common route is a circular one that covers most of the attractions of the Bardenas Reales. There are also some roads only for bicycles and hikers. Entrance is free but there are some limitations: visitors are only allowed from 8:00 a.m. to one hour before sunset, maximum driving speed is 40 km/h and you can’t leave the signaled roads.

Where To Stay

Located at the entrance of the Bardenas Reales, you will find this extraordinary hotel, Aire de Bardenas. You can choose between eight different types of rooms or cubes, some have a private patio and hot-cold water bath; others are cubes with views of the imposing landscape of Bardenas; there are also bubbles where you will enjoy one of the least polluted skies in Europe

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