Spain Getaways: Rio Cuervo In Cuenca

The province of Cuenca, just two hours from Madrid, has beautiful contrasting landscapes that are worth a visit. If you enjoy nature, the source of the Rio Cuervo is one of the spots you must visit while you are in the area.

What To See In Rio Cuervo

The source of the Rio Cuervo is a spectacular landscape that forms impressive waterfalls. Depending on the time of the year, the landscape changes dramatically. During spring it reaches its maximum splendor. In the fall, although the forest looks beautiful, the river can be a little dry as it is in summer. But it is in winter when the display of a frozen curtain of water will leave you speechless.

There are several hiking routes you can take. The Rio Cuervo Trail is a pretty easy and simple 1,5-kilometer circular route that allows you to visit the waterfalls and the source. There is a well-defined boardwalk and trail from the car park with a detour trail for strollers and wheelchairs. There are other eleven routes for hiking in the surrounding natural park with different levels of difficulty.

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