Spain Best Hotels: Two Parador Hotels With Centuries Of History

Paradores is a state-owned company that has purchased and remodeled many historical properties turning them into hotels distributed throughout Spain. Parador Hotels were officially established in 1928 during the reign of King Alfonso XIII to give a boost to tourism. Most buildings are castles, monasteries or palaces from medieval times that have been preserved and remodeled to keep up with modern times.

Parador De Cardona

Enjoy your stay in a magical setting inside a 9th-century castle with panoramic views over the countryside. Located in the region of Catalonia, just an hour from Barcelona, Parador de Cardona offers the luxury of a 4 star hotel in an extraordinary setting. All 54 rooms are very spacious and decorated in Gothic style, but there is a particular room with a strange mystery that has baffled many.

Room 712, is considered to be haunted and several guests reported experiencing paranormal activity like unusual voices, troubling dreams, open faucets, and ghostly figures. The history behind all this strange phenomena is related to a story that dates back to the 11th century. A young girl named Adeles fell in love with a Muslim boy and her father locked away in one of the towers of the castle where she eventually died.

The Parador decided to keep room 712 closed and it is only available for guests who specifically request it. Apart from this incredible story, Parador de Cardona is an excellent place to stay and enjoy the luxury of such a historical setting.

Parador de Hondarribia

Parador de Hondarribia is located in the Basque Country, about 119 kms from Bilbao. Thick stone walls, arches, suits of armor and spears give character to this castle built in the 10th century by the king Sancho.

Parador de Hondarribia features 36 elegant bedrooms, some of them with gorgeous views of the coast, and has a beautiful inner courtyard. At the back of the property there is a private terrace with stunning views over the estuary.

There are banquet rooms, courtyards and other lovely spaces where you can relax with a drink from the bar. Even though there is not a restaurant, the hotel offers a daily buffet breakfast served in the café.

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