Spain Destinations: Lanzarote, A Unique Landscape In Canary Islands

Lanzarote is not as well known as the other bigger islands but it has a special vibe that will captivate you as soon as you arrive. The first thing that you notice is the color of its volcanic landscape contrasting with the blue of the Atlantic Ocean, all of it dotted with palm trees and white-washed small villages.

The north of Lanzarote has captivating scenery mixed with the art of Cesar Manriquez, the renowned local artist who dedicated his lifetime to transform the volcanic landscape into unique pieces of art in complete harmony with their natural origins. Jameos del Agua is one of his most impressive creations: working with caverns and partially collapsed volcanic tubes Cesar Manriquez transformed into a unique entertainment space for people to visit and enjoy.

Another impressive place to visit in the north of Lanzarote is Cueva de los Verdes, a series of caves that was once used by inhabitants as a secret hiding place from pirates back in the 17th Century and also features the longest lava caves in the world.

Continuing along the north of the island we come across a beautiful viewpoint, Mirador del Rio, located 1,630 ft /497 meters above sea level. It overlooks the northern coastline and the Isla Graciosa. This small island has only around 600 inhabitants, there are no cars, only a few shops and restaurants and it’s mostly a tourist spot worth visiting by ferry. If you really want get the feeling of the island I recommend you take a tour with this company:

Going down to the southern part of the island the landscape changes dramatically as you approach the volcanic area. Timanfaya National Park is the only national park in Spain that is of an eminently geological nature, since it is the result of the volcanic eruptions that took place mainly in 1730-1736. Six long years of constant eruption made some villages disappear and many inhabitants to leave the island. The result is a spectacular landscape hard to find anywhere else.

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