Spain Getaways: Bagergue, A Stunning Village In Catalonia

Baguergue is a beautiful village located in the province of Lleida in Catalonia, at 1,400 meters above sea level and a few kilometers away from the French border. Framed by typical Aranese Valley architecture with pebbled streets and some stunning houses, Baguergue features the pretty church of Saint Felix, a Romanesque temple from the XIII century.

You will be drawn by the village’s rural charm with slate roofs and small wood balconies decorated with flowers in the summer. Bagergue’s historical center is considered one of the most beautiful in Catalonia.

The main street takes you to the Eth Corrau Museum where you can find more than two thousand crafted objects that show the tradition and the history of the village.

During winter the village is covered in pristine white snow; in spring there is an explosion of color from the thousands of flowers that cover the prairies; in the summer the village is full of life with all the houses beautifully decorated with flowers; and during fall deep reds, pale golds and flaming oranges dominate the landscape.

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