Spain Dining Guide: The Most Expensive Hot Dog I Have Ever Tried

I remember on a trip to London, a couple of years ago, being stranded at Heathrow Airport for a night due to foggy weather, really? Oh well, we all know London and fog go hand in hand. So, as I didn’t want to spend the night at the airport, I was able to book a room at a nearby hotel, thank God!. I was hungry so I went to the hotel’s restaurant to grab a bite. To my surprise, the cheapest item on the menu was a 19£ hamburger. So hamburger I had. Was it good? I honestly can’t remember, I only remember the price tag.

Now back in my hometown of A Coruña​ I’m having a flashback! Le Viandier, a french inspired cafe is offering a hot dog for 11€.

So, what’s inside it?

According to chef Pablo Pizarro, brioche bread, Galician beef sausage, and different home made sauces are some of the ingredients of this expensive hot dog. “Mayo Masala sauce (a mayonnaise flavored with Masala ingredients), homemade Kimchee ketchup , egg yolk sauce, bacon jam and pickled mint.”

My verdict: I was pleasantly surprised. It is very flavorful but still tastes like a hot dog, it’s not a heavy meal but one is enough to make you feel satisfied, and sauces go really well with the meat.

Le Viandier has many other items on its menu that are worth a try. The atmosphere is cozy and welcoming and service is amazing.

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