Spain Getaways: A Visit To Colomares Castle in Malaga

Colomares Castle: A Tribute To Christopher Columbus

 Dr. Esteban Martin, a surgeon who loved history and art, began to work on the project in 1987 along with two bricklayers and laid the last stone seven years later. He spent most of his fortune and ended up almost bankrupt in order to build this great monument. Dr. Esteban and his crew spent years building towers of over 30 meters, fountains, stone ships and sculptures in a mixture of different architectural styles such as, Moorish, Gothic and Byzantine.

What To Do And See In Colomares Castle

If you are visiting Costa del Sol and Malaga in particular, don’t miss the opportunity to visit this extraordinary monument in Benalmadena, Malaga. For only € 2,50, you can enjoy this unique artwork by walking among gardens, flowers and fountains with the Mediterranean as a backdrop. Inside Colomares Castle lies the smallest chapel in the world, devoted to Saint Elizabeth of Hungary. However, tours are only allowed around the exterior of the castle so the interior is off limits.

Colomares Castle has 16 numbered sections representing facts and events of Columbus voyage to America. Even though it could look chaotic at first sight, it makes sense if you visit it the right way, so it is important to stop at each of the marked sections where the development of the voyage is told. Enjoy your visit!

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